Getting involved in your local fine arts scene allows you to expand your perception and helps support the passions of the creators within it. Tampa has many opportunities and events that allow you to interact with them and FMoPA has a passion to make sure our community has a chance to experience the wonders of the photographic arts. From having exhibits hosting the work of local photographers to displaying the works of renowned photographers, hosting events and classes. We attempt to cater to the interests of as many members of our community as possible. 

Museums are constantly exploring new avenues on how to display artwork and attract more guests, new media such as digital exhibitions have done a good job of doing that. “The best use of digital is to not make you aware of the technology, but to make you aware of the art,” said Jane Alexander, chief information officer at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Museums such as the MET are digitizing their collections and making them accessible online so their pieces can be reached by people without them being at the museum. Other technological advancements such as virtual reality and electronic tour guides have been added to exhibits to enhance the guest experience.

FMoPA already has a modern touch with an outdoor digital LED sign that displays different artist’s work. This technology has improved guest experiences with discovering various exhibitions. FMoPA is integrating kiosks located at various parts of the museum alongside our constantly changing physical exhibits. In addition, the forthcoming exhibition “Portals of Intent” by David Monroe – a photographer and “spiritual imagist”- will have his art displayed on screens and utilize interactive photographic techniques, to capture the viewer’s imagination in a unique way, pulling them into these portals of intent. 

A new year with new exhibitions is right around the corner, expect to see new additions at FMoPA that appeal to a tech-savvy audience. Stay up to date with what the museum has to offer by checking our website and signing up for our mailing list.