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The Photogravure Process

Currently on view at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is work by the Iraqi artist Sama Alshaibi (b. 1973). Her series Carry Over includes beautifully created photogravures to re-contextualize the male gaze by personally recreating historical Orientalist photographs. While most people understand how a traditional photograph is made, many are unclear exactly what a photogravure is and how it fits into the history of photography.

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The only constant in life is change. This saying is more prominent now than ever as we learn to navigate our day-to-day lives by establishing a “new normal.” Our lives at home and work have changed drastically, as a large number people have assumed remote positions to practice social distancing. Through all of this, FMoPA listened to your feedback and tailored our offerings to meet your needs.

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Dorothy Davis Lecture on Griff Davis and Langston Hughes

Dorothy Davis Lecture on Griff Davis and Langston Hughes, Letters and Photographs 1947 – 1967: A Global Friendship, from January 17 – April 19, 2020

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