Exterior Signage Competition

FMoPA’s first ever Exterior Signage Competition was a huge success! Out of 159 unique submissions, the jury selected 37 photographs to be featured on the LED screen on the exterior of the FMoPA Cube.

This rotating slideshow of images will be on view from April-June for all to see in downtown Tampa. Thank you to all who participated and we look forward to hosting this competition again next year!

Agatha Whitechapel, Red Hed

Bill Ward, Colorado Aspens

Bob Thompson, Up on the Roof

Bob Thompson, Wheel Love

Brian Rayle, Claude's Garden

Brian Rayle, White Pelican Pier

Christa Moody, The Vine, Barcelona, Spain

Brian Rayle, Ready to Snorkel

Courtney Kremar, Hourglass

Courtney Kremar, Oslo

David Henry Williams, B.B.'s Homecoming Hug

David Henry Williams, Calhoma City Cotton

David Henry Williams, Pat Thomas

Federico Bianchi, Body mandala FLLL32

Don Kendrick, Tampa Mural

David Henry Williams, Flower Child

Jim Miller, Hypnotized

James Reiman, Reba, 2018

Jennifer Maiotti, Girl and Gull

Jennifer Maiotti, Open Book

Jesus Mayor, The Split Up

Jill Sneidman, All White Brain Rock

Joseph Dela Cruz, Luminous

Leonardo Di Tomaso, Catalina

Lily Evans, One Dead Fish

Lissette Deza, Ice to Meet You

Marilyn Parver, Dangerous Distraction

Marilyn Parver, Life Cycle

Marilyn Parver, Who Me

Mark Rapien, Another Florida Sunset

Mark Rapien, Late Afternoon Reflections

Michael Eisbacher, Coming Home

Michael Eisbacher, Indian Rocks Beach Dunes

Michael Eisbacher, Retired Farm Hand

Miranda Dyer, Buddha in the Garden

Rachel Bramer, Fire, Water, and Dangerous Things

Samantha Garber, The Old Woman Guitarist

Susan Louise Anderson, L.G. & His Owner