Exhibition Dates: March 2 – May 3, 2020

David Monroe creates imagery full of intention from nature. He uses meditation and guidance from spirit to create fine art images with focused intention; he believes mindfulness and awareness are necessary tools when creating works of art. Attentiveness and listening to what the world and its surroundings are saying, hearing the message, and visualizing how to create images that are evocative and offer a point of entry and solace to the viewer –that is the goal of David’s newest works called “Portals of Intent – FROM EARTH”

This collection is like a message for you, directly from earth. The connection you feel is from the very glue that holds everything together — ENERGY!

We are all part of the collective energy. No one is excluded, we are each integral to the grand dance of life. How we participate in that dance affects everything else. The intention of this show is to create a space for the viewer to feel the resonance of the image and be drawn into the portal to receive it’s intention.

David has created a full experience for you with this show; each image is accompanied by an NFC (near frequency communication) chip embedded in the title card. Scan the card with your smartphone (via a free app), and you will be provided an audio accompaniment to the image – sometimes you’ll listen to a meditation, other images will have sounds from the surrounding area, and some will include a short talk from David about the image itself. Use your headset, earbuds, or other private listening device with your smartphone for an immersive experience. David invites you to be enveloped by quieting your space and being guided into the full experience as you are drawn into the portal of each image.