Photo: N. Hodgkins, A Way of Life, February 2022.

In collaboration with the University Area Community Development Corporation, FMoPA presents the HOPE Photovoice Initiative exhibition, where the power of photography meets community advocacy.

The HOPE Photovoice was incorporated into a dissertation by principle researcher Dr. Sarah Combs at the USF Muma College of Business DBA Program. She focused on three major themes documented through the art of resident photography: affordable housing, employment and resident engagement. This initiative employs the Photovoice method to empower residents to capture powerful images in the University Area Community to share their everyday realities.

These evocative photographs tell the stories of the University Area Community through resident photographers’ lenses, aiming to spark awareness and inspire tangible shifts in policies and perceptions. The Residents’ Lens Theory, developed through this initiative, underscores a newfound understanding grounded in trust and respect, inviting viewers to engage with the community’s lived experiences and contribute to a more inclusive future.

On view February 20 through March 24.