The United Photographic Artists Gallery

Exhibition Dates:

August 1st, 2019 – September 7th, 2019

[T]he United Photographic Artists Gallery is committed to the advancement and representation of emerging artists through an exclusive gallery of limited edition photographic works. UPAG supports the education, income, and creative progress of emerging artists via an internet-based format as well as on-ground exhibits in a variety of locations

Featured Artists:

Annie Rosse Gonzalez
Gary Beeber
Bronwen Hazlett
Christine Ghezzo-Weiss
David Monroe
Dorothee Elfring
Erik Cocks
Erika Cespedes
Jose Gomez
Sarah Hadley
Stephen Lang
Lisa Fitch
Maria Chapin
Monika Ruiz B
Pierre and Cathy
Pierre-Yves Chicoineau
Ron Weiss
Sandrine Arons
Scott Bolendz
Michael Sheehan
Gérard Staron
Jane Szabo
Michael Trefry
Richard S. Chow
Blake Yeager
Sandra Chen Weinstein