Photo: Portrait of Jacob Ari Kamis

Hillel Academy First Annual Student Photography Contest
In Memory of Jacob Ari Kamis

This exhibition features juried photographs submitted by Tampa Bay area students grades six through twelve. Students were encouraged to submit
work on the subjects of Well Being; Documenting your Personal Journey; Capturing Moments of Discovery, Growth, and Self Reflection; and How
Travel and Exploration Impacts Mental Well Being.
It was organized in memory of Jacob Ari Kamis. Kamis developed his talent for photography when he was still in middle school. He continued to expand
his skills in high school as he documented his travels and his love of cars. Jacob had many interests, including volleyball, baking, travel and flying
planes. He was a fashionista who loved to dance, and had a wonderful sense of humor as well as a smile that lit up any room. His memory is being honored
by engaging the community to come together and recognize and celebrate Jacob’s passion for photography.

On view: May 22-June 16, 2024, Gallery 2