Art has the power to heal. Throughout history, people have turned to art to process and express their emotions in times of crisis. Recent times have made it clear to us that it is the responsibility of FMoPA to provide with our art a space to participate in activities that promote wellness and social-emotional intelligence. We have a collection of wellness programs that we are proud to offer:

Happy Talks
Join FMoPA and various experts, life coaches, art therapists, for online monthly conversations on the topic of happiness and life well lived. Happy Talks is a forum for discussion on various topics relating to emotional wellbeing, and we would love to have you at the next one! Check the calendar to see when to join.

Slow Art Day
Reflect and unwind with art at the museum and make art appreciation your way to wellness. At Slow Art Day, you get the chance to relax and take stock of yourself, observe our museum’s art with an open, undisturbed, peaceful mind, and participate in laid-back, creative wellness activities. To sign up for our next Slow Art Day, check our calendar.

Creative Aging
Aging with grace means continuing to live a meaningful, vibrant life, and doing what makes you happy. Join us at the museum for creative and fun activities to help you stay passionate, engaged, and involved and aging as gracefully as possible.

Wellness Workshops
In life, it’s the little things that matter the most. When you visit our museum, you’ll find a table with a creative exercise that guides you in making something to remind you of those little things, whatever they might be. An engaging and interactive session is designed to provide participants with the opportunity for mindfulness and connectivity.  Please bring a friend or two, and participate in our Wellness Workshop together!