Proposed ideas for classes:

  1. Mobile Photography

    1. Photography/apps/editing/peripherals

  2. Social Media for Photographers

  3. Digital Marketing

    1. To include video-making for websites

  4. Exploration of Genres

    1. Multiple classes, one genre (i.e. Street, landscape, portraits) per class

  5. Exhibition Preparation (pre- and post-production)

  6. Fine Art Photography for Commercial Photographers

  7. Off-Camera Flash

  8. Make Your Own Photo Books

Other notes/suggestions:

  • Attendees requested that classes begin later in the evening to avoid traffic and allow for more time to get off work

  • Consider filming classes to post online

  • Our resident photography instructor suggested free one-hour workshops that would build interest in longer, more advanced courses

  • Consider off-site locations for classes


Proposed exhibitions:

  1. Pop-up shows or easel shows

    1. Both at the museum and outside of the museum

  2. Commercial photographers exhibition

  3. Creating and showing pieces that stylistically reference other artists

  4. More frequent calls for entries in respective genres, with winning pieces to be exhibited digitally



  • Consider partnering with local universities to offer more lectures

  • Learning Luncheons

  • FMoPA trips to visit renowned photographers’ studios

  • Featuring local artists with a talk and mini pop-up exhibition

    • Videotape talk for website/promotional/educational purposes

  • Poetry readings that tie in with exhibitions

  • Host an artist in residence to create, exhibit and discuss work specific to Tampa