October 21, 2016 – November 20, 2016


Credit: Lynn Saville, Warehouse, Newburgh, 2015.

Join the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in our Community Gallery with Lynn Saville: Dark City. Eerie images of abandoned warehouses, neon-lit storefronts, and unforgettable street photography are all a part of this exhibition that runs through November 20, 2016. Color photographs of cityscapes at twilight and dawn that convey the richness of vacancy as a descriptor and a concept. Shuttered stores, blank billboards, untended lots, ghosted figures, and abandoned industrial sites suggest the cycle of change and renewal in which places become spaces and vice versa.


It’s not that the city becomes uninhabited; more that it is inhabited by itself, by premises and windows, walls and doors, all of which seem to exist for their own sakes, not as conduits to or components of social interaction…Occasionally there is evidence of what might be called the archaeology of overnight: resting tools, tired steps, dreaming brooms, sleeping shadows…Stripped of contemporary merchandise and tell-tale signage, empty premises become difficult to date so that they seem sometimes to have dropped not only out of time but of history…The vacancy is both spatial and temporal-and Dark City is full of it.

    –Geoff Dyer, from his introduction to Dark City, “The Archaeology of Overnight”