The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts believes in the importance of cultural experiences from a young age. This program will give parents the tools to communicate and share those experiences with their child in the museum setting. The first visit at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts will require an instructor guided introduction session. These sessions will offer activities that involve children and care givers information about exhibit-related content. There will be an introduction of general conversation strategies using open-ended questions (Where, Why, What, and How) as well as a method for practicing association making activities (When did you…? Do you remember…? Who do you know…?)

The goal of the instructor guided introductory sessions is to promote several developmental areas in the child, such as:

-Practical autonomy (physical development and movement coordination)

-Social awareness (orientation in an environment outside world and everyday life)

-Emotional independence (emotional stability, ability to control behavior)

-Social autonomy (coexistence with peers, exercise in a group of peers, communication, collaboration)

-Laterality with hand, hand-eye coordination, holding a pencil

-Differentiated perception (auditory and visual analysis and synthesis)

-Logic and thinking skills (comparing, sorting, problem solving)

-Deliberate attention, deliberate memory for learning

-Work behavior, focused work (teaching) activity, intentional learning

-Following directions


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