International Photography Competition 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated this year in the 2019 International Photography Competition at FMoPA!

This year we received hundreds of entries and votes for our competition, and our jury found the below submissions to be our category winners.

Make sure you check out winners in each category (Conceptual, Abstract, Still Life, Documentary, Social, and Political Journalism, Nature, Science, and Animals, Places, Landscapes, and Drone, People and Portraits, & finally People’s Choice.

Conceptual Photography

 First Place: Erika Masterson (USA), Life Boat

Second Place: Kelly Ciurej (USA), Silence is Golden

Third Place: Loda Choo (South Korea), There’s no absolute reality; Infinite Finity_No.1 

Abstract Photography

 First Place: Karina Rovira (USA), Untitled II

Second Place: Susan Gryzbowski (USA), Iceland River Dela

Third Place: Kevin Barney (USA), Reflect

Still Life

First Place: JP Terlizzi (USA),Marchesa Baroque Night with Pomegranite

Second Place: Katya Evdokimova (Russia), The Fish

Third Place: Trevor Messersmith (USA), Egg

Documentary, Social, and Political Journalism

First Place: Jessica Richardson (USA), Trashumancia Arrives at Cibeles

Second Place: Alain Schroeder (Belgium), Taekwondo North Korea Style  

Third Place: Brendon Kahn (USA), Sliding Hope 

Nature, Science, and Animals

First Place: Alain Schroeder (Belguim), Saving Orangutans

Second Place: Athena Burns (USA), Thermal Pool

Third Place: Lara Chapman (USA), Steely Glance

Places, Landscapes, and Drone Photography

First Place: Dax Ward (USA), Mud and Mussels

Second Place: Raf Willems (Belgium), Lake Las Vegas

Third Place: Jackson Martin (USA), Unaltered Landscapes #1

People and Portraits

First Place: Amy Anderson (USA), Estelle on Mother’s Day

Second Place: Deborah Rodriguez (USA), Portrait of a Broken Heart

Third Place: Anthony Mahone (USA), RootClark

People's Choice

Jim Miller (USA), Home on the Range