International Photography Competition 2017

Thank you to everyone who participated this year in the 2017 International Photography Competition at FMoPA! This year we had an unprecedented number of entries and votes for our competition, and our jury found the below submissions to be our category winners. Make sure you check out winners in each category (Conceptual, Abstract, Still Life, Documentary, Social, and Political Journalism, Nature, Science, and Animals, Places, Landscapes, and Drone, People and Portraits, & finally People’s Choice) and join us for an opening reception on Friday, June 23, 2017 from 5-7 pm.

Conceptual Photography

First Place: Julie de Waroquier

Second Place: Leonardo Di Tomaso

Third Place: Heidi Clapp-Temple

Abstract Photography

First Place + Best in Show: Ron Weiss

Second Place: Nancy Pallowick

Third Place: Marilyn Parver

Still Life

First Place: Gerry Dotto

Second Place: Frank Duffy

Third Place: Trevor Messersmith

Documentary, Social, and Political Journalism

First Place: Jorge J. Perez

Second Place: David Henry Williams

Third Place: Dolores Kaufman

Nature, Science, and Animals

First Place: Gary Jones

Second Place: Alexander Toto

Third Place: Wendi Schneider

Places, Landscapes, and Drone Photography

First Place: Stefan Thaler

Second Place: Davide Monciatti

Third Place: Gunther Cartwright

People and Portraits

First Place: Gerard-Andre Renault

Second Place: David Henry Williams

Third Place: Miguel Suarez

People's Choice

Mark Middleton