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 UPAG_Pierre_and Cathy_Passages (1)

UPAG_Welch_Clouds (1)

Top: Pierre and Cathy Dutertre, Passage, 2016

Bottom: Lindsey Welch, Clouds, 2015

The United Photographic Artists Gallery is committed to the advancement and representation of emerging artists through an exclusive gallery of limited edition photographic works. UPAG supports the education, income, and creative progress of emerging artists via an internet-based format as well as on-ground exhibits in a variety of locations.


In collaboration with, and at the invitation of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, UPAG will be exhibiting new works from over twenty-five represented and visiting photographic artists residing in the USA and Europe. Over 85 pieces will be on display, covering a diverse variety of genres and aesthetics, illustrating the current artistic works from our emerging and mid-career artists.


The exhibition runs from April 11th until May 6th, with a reception on April 22nd from 5pm to 7pm.

Sponsored by:

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