Burgert Brothers, Gutierrez Building on northeast corner of Seventh Avenue and Sixteenth Street, 1922, Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System
Chip Weiner, Centro Ybor, 1600 East Seventh Avenue, Tampa, FL.2021, (c) Chip Weiner

The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts presents an exhibition chronicling the evolution of Ybor City from its founding in 1886 all the way to the present day as only photography can. This area, founded and populated by immigrants, has a long and storied history of Spanish, Cuban and Italian multiculturalism. A national Historic Landmark District, Ybor City has undergone many transformations over the years, both in its resident population and its social and cultural scene.

Artist Chip Weiner has skillfully and painstakingly taken historic photographs created by the
Burgert Brothers from the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries and created new images of these
same locations, capturing the same angle and time of day. The historic and contemporary
images will be presented side by side, offering a unique perspective on the city’s historical
transformation. Each location tells a story of change, preservation and integration.

The exhibition will also showcase additional photographs by a variety of photographic artists,
which will reflect the broad range of people and businesses that have continued to make Ybor
City a beloved center for history, culture, and entertainment.

On view: July 18-November 17, 2024, Gallery 1

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