Photo Credit: Amy Shaffer

Exhibition Dates:

September – October 

FMoPA hosts a Call for Entry to our membership in order to showcase the talented members that support our museum. Categories include portraits, conceptual, documentary, nature, and abstract. This year there will be 69 photographs included in the exhibition. Thank you to all who submitted this year! Thank you to our generous and talented judges Jocelyn Boigenzahn, Selina Roman, and Katherine Gibson. 

Members Show Winners


1st Place: Lyza Sahertian- Dreamy Fog #1

2nd Place: Joyce Lopez- Garden Window

3rd Place: Alyssa Meyer- Summer Sunbathing


1st Place: Gary Beeber- After Midnight

2nd Place: Michael Mosby- Selective Memory

3rd Place: Cristina Casiano- Patio for thoughts


1st Place: Richard Savid- Lillian Double Image

2nd Place: Christina Edmonds- That moment (just before we cried our eyes out and swore we would quit doing photo shoots and I would shoot only trash)

3rd Place: Christa Joyner Moody- Katrina, Wild


1st Place: H.W. Rayburn- Under the Boardwalk

2nd Place: Lily Evans- Wash Day. No Running Water

3rd Place: Antonio A. Suares- The Past Comes Alive


1st Place: Geo Zzyzoff- Untitled

2nd Place: Sashko Ilov- Riots Under The Calm Sky

3rd Place: Edward Corvi- Negative Dali