Children’s Visual Literacy Through Photography Exhibition September 2023

This program reaches out to under-resourced communities in Tampa and Hillsborough County, where children need extracurricular programs to give them the edge to excel in their futures.
FMoPA’s photography workshops provide an incredible opportunity for growth and acquisition of critical thinking strategies, social-emotional intelligence, problem-solving, teamwork, technical skills, and endless other proficiencies that equip children to succeed in school and professional careers.

Literacy Through Photography: For Children 9 and up

Extracurricular activities like photography are paramount to children’s education. The creative expression and learning of technical skills, collaboration, critical thinking, and visualization enforces motivation and passion and ensures success as children continue their education and enter the workforce. In schools, communities, and families where supporting extracurricular activities is difficult, we at FMoPA introduce Literacy Through Photography program, where we teach basic photography techniques and put cameras in children’s hands, giving them a tool for creative expression. Afterward, we print their photos and display them at the museum Community Gallery, with festivities of an opening event for them and their families. Past programs have produced beautiful work and memories and have started children on a path towards excellence. Click below to enroll your child in the Literacy Through Photography program.

Social-Emotional Learning Through Photography: For Children 3 and up

Before children enter school and understand the world outside of their homes and families, there is much to learn about interacting with others and understanding their own social-emotional needs. With the power of photographic art, FMoPA teaches children and family members how to understand their feelings, surroundings, state of being, and numerous nuanced, intangible, and abstract concepts children and family members need to understand to be socially and emotionally intelligent as they mature. Click below to enroll your child in the Social-Emotional Learning program.