Lissa Hatcher has been quietly making waves for the past thirteen years of her artistic career with her mysterious imaginings and dreamlike hauntings. Her award winning work is highly conceptualized , and sentimental with a surrealistic flair. Working as a photographer, art director, and editor she finds herself leaving behind the traditional world of photography and portraiture. Conceptualizing and photographing ALL of her images, preferring to blend pixels and paint in post production. Don’t get confused by impossibility however, only a tiny part of her work is created in post, in fact it is often whispered that her shoots look like tiny movie sets where characters play out scenes like actors. It is very important to understand it’s as much about process as it is the finial image, after all many of her images come to her while she’s asleep and dreaming. If a bed has to be floating in the water, you had better believe someone close to her (usually her husband) will be building that bed ! Lissa often feels her pieces are like children with their own stories to tell , which is why on her off time she will be writing short stories and snippets about her little figments. You will never find her repeating herself , choosing instead to create new worlds as she goes along, she would call it “portal jumping” . Lissa is currently living her dream after many military moves and a ton of support from all around the globe .You can find her in Tampa, Florida making thoughts into things in the land of Fine art. ..not so quietly might we ad.