City of Tampa Photographer Laureates

Exhibition Dates:

July 1 – September 30, 2018

[E]ach year from 2003-2013, the City of Tampa, Art Programs Division commissioned an artist to photograph a perspective of the City of Tampa with an emphasis on what it means to be in Tampa at this particular time in history. The result of this juried process has produced a public collection and archive that is representative of the life and times in Tampa by regional, national and international photographers.

Titled City of Tampa Photographer Laureates 2003-2013, FMoPA’s exhibition will feature over 50 selections from all Photographer Laureates.

Exhibiting artists include Marion Belanger, Jeremy Chandler, Suzanne Camp Crosby, MK Foltz, Karen Glaser, Steven S. Gregory, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Barbara Jo Revelle, Beth Reynolds and Ric Savid.