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How to Make a Picture After You Take a Picture

September 13, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

$75 – $115

This course will meet on two consecutive Wednesday afternoons, from 1pm – 3pm

  • 9/13/17

  • 9/20/17

This workshop focuses on the newest way of taking pictures; using our cell phones!

Students will learn how to take the pictures they shoot on their cell phones and enhance them.


We will learn how basic use of the camera in the cell phone, how to download a specific free app and use this app extensively for editing, including cropping, highlighting, enhancing colors and more. While in class, students will take a picture inside the museum to be used in the first half of our workshop.  An assignment to photograph outside the class will be given for the second half of the workshop. Peer reviews with questions and answers along with a print of a photograph you worked on will be included during the second session. This class is for people of all ages with little or no experience in photography and people who have experience with photography but have never used their cell phones.



  • Participants will need to bring their smartphone or tablet by any manufacturer

  • Must have enough storage on device to store digital photographs

  • Ability to email

  • Smartphone or tablet charger


  1. Basics on how to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet

  2. How to download applications

  3. Enhancing cell phone photographs on your smartphone or tablet

    1. Cropping

    2. Color enhancement

    3. How to make photos black and white

    4. Use of app filters

    5. Add text

    6. Deleting unwanted areas in the photograph

    7. Vignettes

    8. Lense blur

  4. Online sharing

  5. A photograph you complete will be provided to you at the end of the second half of the workshop

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About the Instructor: Katherine Campbell

[I]n my early teens and throughout my twenties I spent hours in the darkroom processing photography class projects and customer processing. My past 40 years in the world of photography includes sales in photography stores, photographic exhibits in southern California, western Maryland and Clearwater Florida, operating an art/photography gallery, design and implementation of tourist guide in Washington County, 10 day touring brochure for travels in Europe.

I am experienced in using film cameras, digital cameras and currently specialize in iPhone photography. My travels have taken me as far away as India, Brazil, Thailand and many other countries throughout the world. I relish the teachings of cultures outside my own. This includes not only other countries, but also the diverse
ways of life within my own country. I see the world in pictures. I am inspired daily by the light and movements of the peoples I encounter, the landscapes or street scenes I experience. With the advent of cell phone cameras, I have found a way to record the scenes from this life in an unencumbered and more discretionary way. This ease of capturing images has helped me to remain a constant participant in recording life around me which is why I have chosen to use this camera for all my current work.





September 13, 2017
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
$75 – $115


Katherine Campbell